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Free Range Wines

Free Range Wines was founded from our passion for making delicious wines that are true to a certain place - vineyard, and a particular time - the vintage . Our wines are crafted in small batches from carefully selected organic vineyards, grown in the best regions of New Zealand

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We Make

Natural Wines

Our wines are a bit different - in a good kind of way. They are borne from a place where good times with friends and family abound, and freedom from chemical and physical manipulation is our philosophy. In other words, we're all about Natural Winemaking.

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We Also Do

Preservative Free Wines

Nobody likes preservatives, but almost every wine on the shelf contains them. We've gone out on a winemaking limb to keep our wines preservative free, or at least use the absolute minimium. The result is wine with undeniable liveliness and uncommon vibrancy of flavour.

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"Before a wine can be great,

it must first be true"

-Nicholas Joly


Meet the international winemaking couple behind Free Range Wines

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Our Places

Our wines are made from small parcels of carefully selected grapes, grown meticulously in beautiful organic vineyards

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Our Philosophy

Come and dig deeper into our unconventional, but we think rather effective, natural winemaking philosophy

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The Product

Our Free Range Wines are primarily available fresh on tap at Farmer's Markets,
however we do bottle a very limited amount of each vintage under our Te Rata label.
Here is our current selection:

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Please use the form below or email us at: enquiries@freerangewines.co.nz